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Digital Learning Innovations invites KSU Faculty to participate in the Online Course Design (OCD) Workshop. The OCD is an asynchronous, online, 3-week course designed to provide participants with technical and pedagogical skills for designing and developing their own online course using effective teaching practices. The workshop provides detailed steps on –

  1. Writing module objectives
  2. Developing content in D2L
  3. Developing different kinds of assignments
  4. Creating communication and Feedback plans for their course

By the end of this workshop, participants will have designed and developed the Start Module, one module of their choice, an accessible syllabus, a communication and feedback plan and a course alignment map for an upcoming course they have chosen to work on.

It is recommended that participants who attend the workshop have a course in mind that they can work on during the workshop. This is a rigorous hands-on course and may require a minimum of 10 - 15 hour to complete. 

The workshop has optional synchronous sessions on Thursdays. During the workshop, there will be 3 live sessions - 2 hours each Thursday - where workshop instructors/instructional designers will answer all workshop related questions and questions about any course participants are developing or teaching. Successful completion of all activities and assignments in this workshop will earn participants a digital badge.

The last date to register for the Workshop is September 22, 2021. The workshop begins on September 27, 2021Click on this link to register for the OCD Workshop.